Friday, May 02, 2008

Home again? or not

I guess it's time to update my blog. Don't know if anyone ever reads it, but I suppose it is as much a journalling therapy as it is informative. Then again it's not a journal in the sense that you would share your innermost secrets with your journal.
Read Martha's blog she has some profound insights on her blog. I read them to be inspired and I read my own to be bored.

We left NYC on Monday. Kara and Alayna were scheduled to leave on NWA at 11:30 and arrive in Winnipeg by 3:30. That was not to be. The rain in NYC delayed the flight enough that they missed the connecting flight and did not arrive in YWG till 8:30 or so.
Martha and I packed the van in the rain - it was full to the roof when we were done - and started driving. We found a very nice brand new Hampton Inn somewhere in PA and then took a leasurely drive to Cleveland, where we had time for some more retail therapy, and a nice dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, before I dropped Martha off at the airport for the flight home. I drove the rest of the way by my lonely self, and arrived home Wednesday at midnight.

Martha and Kara left for Vancouver on the 8:30 pm flight Wednesday, so they were gone by the time I got home. Kara had auditions at Capilano College and at Langara College Thursday and Friday. She is hoping to get accepted at Langara.

This evening Martha and Kara went to Gordie's place for a party. Martha can be reached on Renee's cell at 778-868-3195. She'd love to hear from you. She misses Renee terribly. Nothing in Vancouver seems right without Renee!

Justin finally got his SUBWAY manager's car last night. He finds it stressful to manage a store that has had a revolving door for managers. It's a real busy store with long lineups for lunch, but it looks like he's getting the place cleaned up and organized for greater efficiencies. He got a letter of commendation already for increased sales since he started there.

He seems to have a knack for dealing with staff and motivating them to do their best.

I was in Morris today to review the plant and the plans for the future. It seems that we are losing the BMS business, but the bins business is terrific this year, and so we hope to double our bin production over the next 3 months.

At home I have a big job cleaning up all the stuff I unloaded from the van, framing all of Renee's pictures, and doing the bookkeeping until I find someone that can do that for me. So I'm home alone and would love to go out for coffee with someone.


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    now where is that HARMS sign from? Likely I have some wealthy relatives in the states I never met!
    do tell! connie harms

  2. I saw the sign somewhere along the road, and took a picture because I know some people by that name! All I know is what you know when you check out the website
    Thought you might know who these rich relatives are!