Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Left to Blossom"

Renee worked on a video entiltled "Left to Blossom" last fall. It has been nominated for the prestigeous BC Film Industry Leo Awards. If you will be in Vancouver on May 18, we'd like to invite you to see it. See details below.

Renee also wrote the script and helped produce a short video entitled "Photogenic". She wrote and performed in a powerful reading entitled "Earth, Fire, Water, Wind". Karalee edited the Memorial Services to produce a powerful DVD in Renee's Memory. Feel free to request a copy of each. Donations in her memory are appreciated at www.YWAMvancouver.com

We will continue to miss our beautiful Renee, and we appreciate your continued expressions of sympathy for our devastating loss. We find healing in Jesus' tender embrace, in the assurance of life eternal, and in knowing that you remember and care. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.


"Left to Blossom" info


hello raymond and martha

i have contacted you because there has been some interesting news about "left to blossom", the final film we made with Renee through cap college. it has been nominated for best student production at the leo awards film festival. the leo awards are high and above the most respected and prestigious awards show for films in british columbia, one of the best in canada. so naturally being selected is a great honour and we just wanted to let you know. obviously without renee's help we never would have been able to properly maintain the enormous production we embarked upon.

the greatest accolade for the project, however, is not the nomination at the leo awards. it was hearing the eulogy that martha wrote for renee was titled "left to blossom". that was an extremely moving moment for myself and other makers of the film. particularly steve, who came up with the title and was always unsure about it, hearing that certainly solidified that the project was everything it could be. we were blessed to have had renee on our crew.

thomas affolter


Heath Affolter sent a message to the members of Lynn's Embrace.
Subject: Left to Blossom screening

Hey friends,

So I've found out the date and time of when "Left to Blossom" will be screening in the Leo Film Festival.

Sunday, May 18
Pacific Cinematheque - 1131 Howe St. Vancouver

Tickets are $9.50 for adults, $8.00 for students, and we get to see all the student films that are nominated for Best Student Production at the Leos. It'll be great. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at www.cinematheque.bc.ca

Alright, let me know if there are any questions, please tell as many people as possible, and please come and I'll see you there!


Renee's blog at www.ReneeDueck.com


Martha's blog http://marthadueck.blogspot.com/

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