Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Memorial Service for Barb (Bastien) Friesen 62

Emmanuel Mennonite
Wife of Martha's cousin Ron, Mother of 3 married sons and grandmother.
Born in Wales, grew up in Kenora, she was a petite dynamic lady, a nurse and a committed Christian who prayed faithfully for us and Renee. We will miss her.

Ps 91 was the Psalm her pastor read to her hours before she passed away. God is portrayed as a mother bird. Barb loved birds. God was with her protecting her with His comfort.

She found Mennonite peace values resonated strongly with her. She cared deeply for her patients at the mental hospital. She loved to read. She was grateful to God. It pained her that cancer would rob her of the joy of growing old with Ron. She wanted so much to live. But she accepted her illness with the hopoe of the Resurrection.

Today we remember Barb. May God bring healing to our lives. Comfort and hope.

Barb's expressions of faith:
Lord, you have always given food, peace, light, timing; today I believe.

Barb asked us to sing "Children of the Heavenly Father"

Barb and her Prayer group were friends for 30 years. Barb loved parties. She knew how to make a good cup tea.

Philipine friend and Barb had so much in common. New to the community in 77 they got to know and appreciate each other. Barb was there for her when her husband had an accident.

Today is the celebration of Barb's life. She taught us how to live. We pray God's love will surround you.

In nursing, Barb went beyond the call of duty. She was never negative. She was always really there for people. Always willing to put in extra work. Always priorized other people's pain.

Sometimes I have been sad or mad with the cracks in life but light has come.

Walking with grief - Do not hurry as you walk with grief.

Circle me me Lord, keep light near, darkness far
peace in, discord out.

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