Sunday, September 20, 2009

Adjust the Sails

We can not direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. - Morweena Church stage

Glen Plett Pastor.
Silage truck drivers drive the same dusty road day after day.
We ask? Why are we doing what we do?
The potato peeler is useless for changing a light bulb cutting an apple or most anything I'd like to use it for.
We live life and we do repetitive things hopefully with purpose.

Live with Purpose! The Purpose Driven Life. Thirty million copies have sold in 4 years.
Each day you cook feed the kids put them to bed.
More and more people want to be buried in un marked graves because they feel life was useless.
Eccl 2:1 Says: pleasures are meaningless, houses, gardens, parks, watering systems, gold, silver -he, hated them all because he'd have to leave them.
Ch 12- when we get old, desire is no longer stirred. All is useless.
Went to relative's funeral this week. Empty church. The family shared memories. Ben lived all his years running from God. In the last months he turned back to God. Lots of regrets.

All summer long I waited for the opportunity to take pictures of flowers. By last Sunday it was too late. They were faded.

Solomon was concerned about not enjoying life. Many of us live all our adult life wishing for something better.
We need to learn to live intentionally- enjoy life with purpose and meaning with what we have.

If you fix your neighbour's fence you may be the most fulfilled person in this community.

Excel in building gifts that build up others.

Think about why! why are you doing what you are doing.

Be blessed.

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