Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ultimate Church Tour the 24/7 Community

Pastor Del
Community Travel
Ultimate Church Tour
Jerusalem is 3000 years old
Walked through the city for 18 hours, via de la Rosa, the wailing wall
Jesus desired the city to become the authentic Community
Acts 1:4-8 Start in Jerusalem.
A group was waiting for Jesus' power. Acts 2:42-47 Shared everything. Many being saved. A picture of the 1st Community

Drama what is my problem
Not Connecting
news channel does not help
I try to connect email twitter TV does not help.
the cacophony can be too much. We can't see or hear real friends

Hazards to 24/7 Community
1. Consumerism negates Community Acts 2:49
Help out lead a Care Group
2. Individualism feeds superficiality It take away your willingness to serve. All the believers shared.
3. Anonymity erodes accountability Always! All believers were DEVOTED. SOLD OUT! They spoke truth to each other. We need the spirit of community
4. Loneliness gives birth to apathy Acts 2:43
Solve the neighbors' kid's bike problem and community is born. It becomes an AWE experience.
Sin is the disconnect for God and others. Community is a journey No one is perfect. We all fail God's glorious standard. Of helping others.
Get plugged into a care group today.

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