Sunday, January 10, 2010

Journey Without End: Investing

Delbert Enns Pastor
2 Tim 2:1-3
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond all Measure... Akeela and the Bee

Paul. While in prison writes to encourage Timothy. Invest -make use of for future benefits- Joy is on the giving end of life. The generous will prosper - those who refresh others will refresh themselves. Growth will happen.

Give us a challenge to invest in others. Successful people want to be stretched. The pastor's role is to be a spiritual coach. To stretch us.

Attributes of the one that invests in others:
v3 Be a spur. We don't move unless someone spurs us on. 80% of people who come to Christ do so because a friend guides them to Jesus.

What kind of Legacy do you leave behind? When you are but a memory on earth, what will that memory be?

Akeela and the Bee
People learn through words.

1. Be a follower. Get into the army learn to be a follower. Endure the training. Grow through opposition and suffering

2. Be faithful v 4-9 don't get fed up in civilian affairs. Please your superiors. Who comes 1st in your life? Pride? Selfishness? Do your words and actions add up. Lord, what do you need from me?

3. Be determined to remember v8-10 crucial truths:
Jesus was raised from the dead. It is easy to forget good things/experiences. Jesus knows your trials. He has paid for your salvation. Jesus is alive!

Our goal is to change our Marriages for the better.
v11 If we die with Jesus we will also live with him
If we deny Jesus He will remain faithful to us. We need to seek Him.

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