Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Journey Without End: Learning

2 Tim 3
Dave Ens

What are good resolutions? Do you sometimes find yourself talking and not knowing what you are actually saying? Are you using language and words to find social acceptability? Not actually knowing what it means?

Learning Student
So you are a student of Jesus you can't just parrot words. You need to get to the meaning of the words. Deconstruct words to the underlying meaning as in "Akeela and the Bee"

Paul is saying don't waste your time with useless ideas. He is not saying don't ask questions but don't be self-absorbed.

2Tim 3:1-5 People will be terrible with an outward form of godliness but be rotten on the inside. Not allowing God to change us inside. All they want to do is manipulate people. Silly people with no purpose that are always looking for something. Smoke and mirrors people try to mislead as many people as possible.

Do we follow Smoke and mirrors people? They may make us feel good for a moment, but nothing changes.

v14-16 follow what you learned. Scripture is inspired, God-breathed for your benefit. Sing: Ancient Words ever true Changing me Changing you.

Let's not get distracted by smoke and mirrors. Who are the people that have spoken truth into your life? Focus on the truth and the path around the problems. Paul was changed by the story of the truth of God as revealed in Scripture.

Commit to learn what you can from Scripture. That's my challenge to you. God's Word will challenge you to a life full of purpose and meaning.

God doesn't just want big words but changes through Jesus Christ. You need to be in the book. It changes lives. Pick up a RealLife journal and study your way through Scripture. Let the Word wash over you.

Put aside smoke and mirrors and embrace the Word Of God.

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