Saturday, February 06, 2010

Rocky and Michael Beene

Missionfest Saturday morning

Rocky and Michael Beene started a Guatemala church plant. They snuck into the war zone and started a church that is still growing. They plan to be martyrs. If they get to grow old it won't be their fault.
They found a spot on top of a mountain and started an outreach. God is the stair case and I'm the little pebble. Had a one year old. Pregnant with the 2nd one. Lived in a little tent.
The natives carry machetes. Why are they chopping a tree during the night? They tried to burn us. The Martians.
Started feeding 100 children. It took a long time for them to trust us. Thought they were fattening the kids to eat them. For 3 years they plotted to kill the missionaries.
Started a church. God told them to put the Bible down and pick up the chainsaw to help the widows. Be a light.
A very contagious cholera epidemic broke out. They gave I.V. fluids to 60 people. One day Michael asked Rocky to tend the sick while he took a baby to hospital. An old sick man came in. Couldn't start the I.V. till she prayed. It turned out to be a dehydrated 18year old that would now live.

Why change the culture? People are praying for change. They are desperate, looking for change. They are crying to God. We want to share. Give them a reason not to kill you, before you convert them. We pull teeth. We don't tell them anything except God loves you. God's kingdom can't come to earth unless we bring it.
Looked at a map and Rocky's finger hit a little village named Castalo. Went there by boat. Had to walk across a huge swamp. Guide told them "If you see tigers don't run. Charge at them." Their guide refused to take them into the village because the people were dying. Michael treated them for dehydration.
Built a bridge 1100 ft across the swamp. $50,000 to build the bridge. A group of girls from New York came out to build it. Dug a well. Started a church. Then went to the next village. Were warmly received. They had already become Christians through the witness of the 1st village.
The recession is hurting. God said don't worry "I'm not American." And the Canadians started coming to help.

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