Sunday, February 28, 2010

Relationships: restoring hope

Dave Ens

Relationship happens. celebrate the times you do agree. Stress happens. Conflicts happen. Things blow up. We expect too much sometimes from each other without giving anything back.
Assume I love you until further notice is a dumb policy. We need to nurture each other.
A personal encounter with Jesus brings a fullness into life that cannot be found elsewhere.
Hope comes from knowing agape love. When someone is pouring love into you, you can do anything.
How do you fill your loved ones? 5 love languages Gary Chapman talks about filling your love tank.
What is my love language? What is it for my loved ones?
Quality time - meaningful
Speak affirmations
Gifts of caring
Acts of service - freeing your loved one
Physical touch - holding hands, hugging, kissing
How and how often am I speaking that into my loved ones?
If you do this regularly you can walk through the tough times.
Build hope today.

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  1. amen. we need to learn to speak each others love language and also know that God speaks our love language because he created them. He is wanting to speak to us through our love languages. and wanting us to show Him our love through them also