Sunday, February 06, 2011

1,000 years in Cambodian Killing Fields

April 17, 1975 was a day of celebration in Cambodia. It was New Year's day and they were having a good day. Then Child soldiers came and shot and killed Setan's friend. They rounded up all the educated people, shipped them out of town and shot them.
Setan put on rags and claimed to be a farm kid. He was taken to a youth Concentration Camp with 1,000 others.

They had 3 rules
1. You are slaves
2. Show no emotion
3. If you break one of the rules you are dead
They torture killed 3 girls at the 1st meeting to show they meant business.
Of the 1,000 kids only 87 survived.

When they discovered that Setan had an education they set out to kill him and 4 others. They killed the 4 in front of him. He prayed for the protection of the Lord of the Universe and at the last second his life was spared.

The Healing Fields article was a secular news paper story that proved that his story was true.

He escaped through the land mines. There he met a wild jungle man who told him about the Lord of the Universe. His name is Jesus! He surrendered his life and met Jesus in the jungle. The jungle man told him to preach. 32 people got saved on the 1st day and in 6 months they led 35,000 people to Jesus. That revival was documented by Jerry Falwell.

Jesus came to set me free. Gal 6:10 says do good to all. He thought God must have made a mistake. He can't mean that. Told God to change it. 30 days of questioning the pastor did not change that Scripture. The pastor's pregnant wife had been tortured to death in front of him. The paster remembered the verse Who can separate us from the Love of Christ? When Setan went to preach that verse he saw the killer that had killed his friends and relatives in the audience. Rom 8:35 he forgave her in the middle of the sermon. That's when he was set free.

He gave the invitation: Come to Jesus just as you are. The killer was one of the people that came forward and accepted Christ. That's when he went by faith to witness to the rest of the Khmer Rouge. Eventually the civil war ended. Now there are 1,000s of people have come to know the Lord. See TransformAsia or LinkedIn book Miracle in the Forgotten Land

This kind of violence is still going on in different parts of the world. Jesus can heal.

Church of the Living Hope brought some interracial music and led in singing

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