Saturday, February 05, 2011

MissionFest Saturday night

Joseph D'Souza OM Dalit freedom movement India president spoke.
This year Indians are commemorating 150 years since slaves were brought to South Africa. The first boat had a Dalit (untouchable) who had a Bible. Now there are millions of Indian Christians in SA.
200 years ago Wm. Carey brought Christianity to India.

Why does untouchability still exist in the church of India? Islam does not allow untouchability.

Intentionally intercultural interracial church is what Christ commanded.

250,000,000 Dalit slaves are the largest and longest slavery system in the world. Karma says 15% have all the rights. The majority 50% are classified slaves. 25% of the population is considered dung. The Dalit. Dalits make idols that are then purified by the priests and worshipped by the Brahman upper class. In 2003 one of the idol makers wanted to see the nice idol he had made, and went to the temple where the Brahman priest killed him.

All Christian churches practice caste separation. No one wants to touch or interact with the untouchables.

They want freedom from 2,500 years of caste slavery.
Jesus' first sermon was from Isaiah. I have come to set the captives free. The messianic authentication. To bring healing and sight. Deliverance for the oppressed.

The Dalits need freedom - Jesus said the outcasts are first.
They have 4 requests:
1. Free our children child labour in India 100,000,000 captives need freedom. Right Now. By the time a Dalit child is 12 their life is over because they are Captives to the thinking that they are slaves, not in the image of God. We must teach the children. Slum Dog Millionaire is a true story.

If we are Christ's ambassadors. In 10 years we will have 1,000,000 freed Dalit children. Those children now call themselves children of Jesus. Sexually protected they now have a future.

2. Free our women. 100,000,000 women are trafficked. Untouchable in every way except in prostitution. Every family is required to offer one girl child as a sexual slave to the Hindu temples.

Jesus brings deliverance to the oppressed. As an ambassador of Christ I must help. 10s Of thousands have been freed.

3. Bring us justice

4. Bring us Jesus. More people have come to Christ in the last 15 years then in the last 200 years.

What does God want the church of Winnipeg to do about this? Pray. Pray that the Dalit system will break.
That people will be free.

Join us.

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