Sunday, March 18, 2012

Long Story Short youth are going on SOAR Heartland for the next 10 days helping in the inner city

Drama OT covered:
The Fall
Kings (lots of bad ones)
Exile and prophets
Nehemiah and the rebuilding
400 years passed.
Until One Silent Night
-wait for the sequel

Connect the pieces of the puzzle. God was leading his people. Every time they disobeyed, God showed up and shared his love.

From the highest of heights -you are amazing, God.
We stand and lift up our hands we worship God now.
O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder consider all the worlds your hands have made then sings my soul how great you are.

Episode II
The new King.
The birth the angels
The wisemen
Scene 2 the Life of Jesus
John the Baptist.
The Pharisees began to hate Jesus.
Scene 3 the death of Jesus.
He paid the price for our sins.
Scene 4 the resurrection and the commission
Scene 5 the church starts. With a gift. The gift of the Holy Spirit.
The disciples had the power - some were killed.
Scene 6 Saul / Paul's conversion.
Opposition and church growth
Scene 7 Revelation - it ain't over till it's over
When Jesus comes back.

We can choose Him and join in travelling the world telling his story
God did it all for
His gift to YOU!

Where does Jurassic Park music fit in here?

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