Sunday, March 11, 2012

Plett Reunion 2012 History of Faith

Walter (Plett) Reimer from Belize
Abraham lived his faith. God had promised him a family. When God sent him one son he obeyed God. When God asked him to sacrifice Isaac to prove his love for God. Abraham packed his knife and fire in obedience.
Hebrews 11 has a long list of people of faith.
Because of their faith our family forefathers moved from place to place to find freedom of worship.
In 1530 Menno Simons started preaching conversion from Catholicism and adult baptism. We are called Mennonites after him. Too many people think they can rely on that name for salvation. They need personal faith in God. Klaas Reimer got baptized at age 20 but lived a reckless life. He got married at 28 and began to think about his soul. His wife was 38 when they got married and 6 years later they had their first child. When he got elected as a preacher he felt he wasn't smart enough. His child was 2 years old when his wife died. He re-married a 20 year old. They had 10 children of which most died in childhood.
He felt the church was too worldly so they split and formed the small church or Kleingemeinde. That was a hard transition.
Should everyone start their own church? No- but we should live by faith.
Our forefathers moved to Canada in 1875 and some moved to Mexico in 1948 and then some of those moved to Belize a few years later. To live their faith. Where would be if they had failed to follow God's direction.
I wish we could all believe in Jesus and trust him to be our savior so we can go to heaven.
2 Cor 13:5 Check yourselves are you standing in Jesus?

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