Monday, December 24, 2012

Casting Call Christmas Eve

Justin had to work late closing the store. Hope he makes it out. He came in an hour late. But he came! I'm looking forward to our traditional cheese fondue tonight!

It came upon a midnight clear! Wonderful to sing together!

Casting Call
Who wants to act in this live nativity scene?
You want to audition? Can you play the angel? Joseph?

You want to be Mary? Nothing is impossible to God. Just look at Jesus.

Too much cheap acting and not enough worship. Alayna walked out.

King without a king's life and yet he is the king of kings. God with us.

A strange way to save the world. Song.

Let's find a different Christmas Eve service next year. Anyone know of a good one?

Pastor Delbert: God chose ordinary people. 2012 is a reference to the birth of Jesus. St James brother of Jesus. St Paul built the church. We have so many references to Jesus.

Jesus never wrote a book. He was not from an important family. Yet he changed the world. We can't imagine a world without Jesus. Everything hinges on Jesus's birth. Everything that happens in this world is recorded in reference to Jesus's birthday.

Jesus spoke the most powerful words anyone has ever spoken: I am the truth. No one comes to the Father excerpt through me! Do you know Him personally? You can know him tonight. If you know him your heart is celebrating this day in the year of our Lord.

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