Sunday, December 02, 2012

What are we waiting for? Birth and Rebirth

2000 years ago God sent his son to show us his love.

Dave Ens:
This is the first Sunday of advent. Advent season started 1400 years ago. Christians recognized that the story was so important they had to prepare for it.

The Christmas season changes the world. Jesus is the reason for the season.

Matth 1:1 the Christmas story starts with a list of names. Matthew was deliberate about writing this genealogy. We tend to tell our stories but leave out some of our less reliable relatives.
There are significant things in this list. Tamar is in the list. She seduced her father in law. She and her son are in Jesus' genealogy.

The trajectory God uses to tell us that these people were entirely inadequate to be in the blood line of Jesus is very deliberate.
The story is full of people who shouldn't be there. They are an embarrassment. But the good news of the gospel is for the worst of us.
Jesus offers a receptive redefinition of who you are. You can get out of your past.

These people needed forgiveness. Jesus redefined them. They are in the company of Jesus.

Jesus didn't come so we could pretend we're ok. There is an invitation to cleanup things in our lives. Jesus wants to give us a new name. And a new life.

Take this opportunity to say to Jesus: happy are those whose sins are forgiven. I acknowledge my sins. God forgave.

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