Sunday, March 31, 2013

Because He Lives I can face tomorrow

Austin Evangelical
How sweet to hold newborn baby. He can face uncertain days because He lives.
Our God reigns. Can we sing this with certainty?

Pastor Colin Bell
Matthew 28 we know the end of the story. We love it. The disciples were devastated. They had given 3 years of their lives to him.
How do we face these uncertain days?
The women went to see the tomb on Saturday but nothing happened. On Sunday there was an earthquake and the tomb was empty. The soldiers fainted for fear of what happened.
The angel said to the women, don't be afraid for there is hope. Come see the place where he lay.
Faith is the assurance of things hoped for. I trust in God no matter what happens.
We can move from despair to hope. Ps 34 taste and see the Lord is good!
V11 the opposite happens. The guards were paid to tell the world that Jesus' body was stolen.
The promise has been fulfilled. 1 Cor 15 if Christ has not been raised our faith is in vain. Not one part of the Bible is true.
On good Friday Satan had a party. Ever since Easter Sunday Satan has been fighting the Truth.
V20 highlight it. Christ HAS been raised and all in Christ will be made alive. The perishable will put on immortality. The only way we can have victory is in Christ. Every religion's founder has a body in a tomb except Christianity! The tomb is EMPTY!
We were given the responsibility to go and tell. Christ is ALIVE!
How will people know unless we tell. What is heaven like? What is hell like? Don't miss Jesus. If you do you miss everything.

Our preaching is not in vain! Jesus lives. That's awesome!

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