Sunday, April 07, 2013

Living in the zone of the Holy Spirit
Dave Ens
What does it look like to live in the post Easter season?
My friend is nobody children's song. Catchy tune was ok for kids but not for adults. I'm friends with Jesus. You can't see him. Are you ok?
Jesus told me to do this? Leave my spouse? He would never say that. There is danger in using Jesus an excuse for doing "what I want to do"!
Jesus said I call you friends because I have shared with you what God told me.
How has Jesus made things known to us?
Community, God brings people into our lives
The Holy Spirit, God makes himself known to us. Our invisible friend. God is made real and present.
Who is the HS?
Breath of God renewing the face of the the world
Haggai says I am with you. Courage. Evil goes away. Strength. Ps 51 create a new spirit within me. Cleansing. Forgiving. Guarantee. Assurance.
Joel has the promise of renewal. The power behind the work of God.

The Spirit is at work. The Trinity. God has 3 parts. All moving in the same direction in perfect unity. They can't be separated. Luke 4 the Spirit is on Jesus.
A life lived in the Spirit. What is it? Clapping, dancing while worshipping? Slain in the spirit loss of control? We are big on control so we have difficulty with those wild visions.
Regardless of how you look at the Spirit we here are talking about living in the Spirit of God. Jesus said it's good that I leave this earth so I can send the Holy Spirit. John 16:13-15
The Spirit is the will to live God's way. I want to be more loving and gracious. God's Spirit gives us the mind of Christ. And the power. Life can be so exhausting trying to do the right things. The Spirit gives us the power for Jesus' life to shine through us. That means we have to let go of our will. A little less of my will and a little more of God's will every day. Letting go a little bit more every day.

Lots of people have said that the evil they do is from the Spirit of God.
Life in the Spirit will give you a life that looks like Jesus.
Focus on Christ Jesus every day. Read books and the Bible that make us more like Jesus.

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