Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meetinghouse Oakville

> Grow the membership.

> Invite 100,000 people to accept Jesus. Each person to introduce 4 people to Jesus. Who are the 4 people in my life. Goals. We need to make them real. Some people can make a face to face invite. Not me.
An older gentleman prayed for Matt Vincent. Thought he led him to the Lord. We need to be honest open relational
> Care
Maybe we are sponsoring 1000s of kids. Can we concentrate on sponsoring in Malawi so we can go visit them? Send them letters.

Jesus heals and forgives
Mark 2:1-12 Mark gets right into the story. Friends take the paralyzed man to Jesus. Everyone is pushing to see Jesus. They went up on the roof, removed some tiles and lowered him. The first thing Jesus did was forgive them. For wrecking Jesus's home.
The religious gate keepers were upset. No one can forgive sins but God alone. Jesus knew their thoughts. Which is easier? Forgive sins or heal? He is either who Jesus said he is or a fake. The son of God or a hypocrite. Jesus healed the man to prove he is who he says he is. Deut 18:20-22 a fake prophet must die. Jesus is not fake.

If Jesus has changed me they will want to know. The things that are important to Jesus need to be important to me.

Not Flasher evangelism. We need to be real and share our faith. Who are the 4 people I need to develop relationships.  Am I authentic and natural? Have I been authentic?
Let's reach out personally to 100,000 people and share with them what happened to me when I met Jesus.

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