Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rejoicing in God’s Justice

Rejoicing in God's Justice Delbert Enns   Luke 1:26-38

This is a hectic stressful time. Loneliness, losses, mourning, grief, bankruptcies, all happen this time of year.

What is justice? If it works for me that's justice?

Is this season worth celebrating?

Truly God is good. Psalm 73:1-5 In the midst of trouble, God is good. If you feel things are disconnected remember Mary had her issues. Nothing good can come from Nazareth. I'm not from Jerusalem. Joseph, what a wonderful man! He stuck with me. I was proud to be at his side. When Jesus came all I had was a feeding trough. I admired him, my redeemer who would change everything.

Joseph could have had Mary killed.

You might be feeling you were born on the wrong side of the river. Things may be all wrong. Maybe nothing makes sense in your life.

Something happened that changed everything. Luke 1:26- The Annunciation. You will have a son whose kingdom will never end. The son of God. Nothing is impossible with God. I am the Lord's servant. Did Mary know what would happen?

We think the advent is for me. It's not about me and my pity party. It's about others. Mary's life was rearranged. She understood that this child was not here to be selfish. To walk humbly.

Joseph. He was also transformed. Your mess up is not just your own. Others are also involved. It affects others.

God's justice is for everyone. Not just for me. Joseph was willing to walk with Mary even though she was pregnant with someone else's child.

The shepherds got messed up. Herrod's life was messed up. The Jews were looking for a political redeemer messiah.

Mary was mentally confused deeply upset when the angel gave her that message. I'm a virgin she said. Why me?

Hush hush does not work. Call to God. Yell at him. He is not offended. He will hear your cry.

The Holy Spirit will overshadow you and give you peace in the quietness.

When you are in a traffic jamb pray for the others on the road. God is trying to talk to you. God has a rescue plan for them too.

Jesus took on the form of a servant. Mary said I'm your servant. This is the King of Kings.

Hug someone now. You need at least 3 hugs to know you are loved.

What hope we hold. Song.
Praise his name Emmanuel!

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