Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wonder at God

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Today: Advent @ Your Door Steps   Wonder at God Delbert Enns   Luke 2:8-21
Third Sunday of Advent   
Next Week: Advent @ Your Door Steps   Rejoicing in God's Justice Delbert Enns   Luke 1:26-38 Fourth Sunday of Advent       

Eastview Christmas Eve Service Times   Monday, Dec 23, 6:30pm            Tuesday, Dec 24, 5:00pm & 6:30pm 

Songs this Morning: Joy To The World    Frederic Handel For All You've Done Reuben Morgan Come Thou Fount Robert Robinson Offering  Paul Baloche Music Team: Adam Bergman, Heidi Boon, Jesse Hamm


How many Charlie Browns do we have? What is Christmas all about? How many Linuses do we have?

Where is the wonder of the season? We go through the rigamarole of Christmas and feel miserable.

How did Joseph feel? His girlfriend was pregnant with someone else's child. How did Mary feel? Subject to stoning.

Luke 2. How did the shepherds feel? Good news for all! These shepherds were chosen to be the first ones to hear the good news.
Shepherds had a noble calling. King David was a shepherd. By the time of Jesus's birth they were despised and considered ceremonially unclean.
They got fantastic good news. They were outside.
Jesus said: healthy people don't need a doctor. Sick people do.

If you want to understand 1 Cor 1 says few of you were wise when God called you. God calls the marginalized.

Claudia, a healer preacher, wanted to preach to the assembled 4,500 when Delbert heard that there were 2,500 people wanting to come in. They let them in and a small boy was in that group and he was worshipping God.

The shepherds did the ordinary things of life when God showed up. Jesus does that.

Jesus asked Peter and his team to go fishing after they had wasted all night and caught nothing. Peter said if you say so I'll do it! When they were overloaded with fish, Peter fell at Jesus' feet and worshipped him!

The Christmas story changes people's lives. Mega joy comes to those who are touched by God. Don't believe Satan's lies.

The great news comes to the community. God chose me!

Peter got a new assignment. Become fishers of mankind!

Have you shared the message of the messiah to those who don't know Him? Invite them to come to Jesus.

Invite people to the Christmas eve service.

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