Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jesus in Exodus

Songs at and participation rate
You never let go 40%
To God be the glory 80%
Your love never fails 40%
Upon a life I did not live 4%
Jesus loves me 3%
Hope of the nations 80%

Delbert Enns pastor
Let's pray for the people in Nepal. Great grief has hit a lot of families due to the earthquake. May this lead to many peope being  brought to Jesus.

We love the Jesus that hugs the babies and doesn't condemn the adulterous woman. What is he like in the Old Testament?

Abraham was called and set apart so that the Anointed One would come from his family.

The nation of slaves were set free in Exodus.
Luke 9.30 Moses and Elijah talked to Jesus about his exodus.

What do prisoners of war talk about? Hope and faith. Faith in Jesus is the greatest gift anyone can give. In our western culture we no longer talk about faith and hope.

People living without adversity live in a WOW environment. After adversity comes perseverance, optimism and then comes rebellion. Now we live in a culture of whatever and nihilism. Anything goes without God.

3 things that survive all the cultures are faith hope and love.

What are we walking away from? Christ's plan of redemption is to set us free. Exodus 14.12 leave us alone and let us be slaves. Better than dying in the wilderness.
That's where our culture is at today. You can take people out of slavery but it's hard to take the slavery out of people.

We think we want our kids to have perseverance. That parenting does not make kids good. Romans 6.15 their nature does not change. Sin is sin. We serve the bondage of sin.

12:11 The blood is a sign. When I see the blood I will pass over you. It had to be applied and they were saved. The Seder has a specific order. It celebrated the coming of the Savior.
Flat bread was baked quickly to symbolize the urgency. 13.16 a reminder of the Lord's mighty hand. Talk about the story. The Lord will fight for you.

When Jesus came there is no need for more sacrificial lambs. He is the lamb slain once and for all.

Ephesians 2.8 do you have the culture of WOW? Jesus offers it to you. Come celebrate. The bread and the fruit of the vine in remembrance of what Jesus did. The blood on the doorway.

You and me need to tell others.

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