Sunday, April 19, 2015

Seeing Jesus. Signs and wonders

Service at
Songs with participation rate
Christ is risen 10%
Filled with your glory
Rooftops 10%
All creatures of our God and king 60%
What can I do 20%
Christ is enough for me 40%

Dave Ens pastor
Who has seen Jesus this week with eyes of Wonder?
Ultrasound of baby. God created a miracle
The miracle of geese
To see Jesus through the disenfranchised
The first nations person shared his dream catcher
Wednesday night northern lights are just there to be pretty because God wants us to be delighted like children
G. K. Chesterton
Rain causes the grass to turn green. Blown away.
Look at the world with eyes of Wonder

When we see Jesus in creation we have a better understanding who Jesus is. 100% God 100% human
Philippians 2.5 a hymn written and sung by the early church
Creeds were written to help the church understand the doctrines.
Spiritual is a popular word nowadays. Relationship vs rules.
Spiritual is to recognize God and what he is doing. It's not about me and self-help.

The gospel is true spirituality. A new life of sins forgiven.

Jesus reconciled us with God. A perfect God reconciled with imperfect humans.

It's not about just good ideas. The gospel tells us that the best place to be spiritual is where we are. Participants in our community. What you believe is shown by your actions. Health is an example. We don't act on exercise until there is a health event.

John 20.30 7 signs of the gospel.  Helps us understand who Jesus is. Not to show off to Harrod. What stops me?
Sign 1 Jesus turns water into wine. Not cheap wine. Only the best. Are we so self occupied that we miss the signs God gives us. John 2.11. His disciples believe.
Sign 2. John 5. The man at the pool of Bethesda. Walks out on the Sabbath after 38 years. The religious leaders didn't celebrate the healing. They gave him the gears for carrying his mat on the Sabbath.
We can be so fixated on what we think God does that we can't see what he is actually doing.
Pray for eyes that can see what God is doing.
Look for the wonder of God.

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