Sunday, August 07, 2016

The Family of God

Graham Hunt pastor Church of the Rock
Church on the corner
Evokes emotions. Fun pain regret disfunction. All families are dysfunctional.
Day after Halloween sister decided to put fake blood on my bed and dance around with kitchen knives.
The Bible has all dysfunctional families but God used them anyway.
Acts everyone shared everything so they could feast all the time.
1. Believing leads to relationships
2. Actions
3. Unity
Power of vulnerability
People found value with courage and vulnerability. Courage is to tell the story the way you are. Be vulnerable.
Be willing to say I love you first. To develop connection. Courage. Relationships. Fellowship. Fun and food.
Koinenia. The 2 most inexperienced canoists went white water canoeing and tipped. They lived working together.
1. Spiritual gifts. Use them to serve one another. God has given each one a gift. Do it together build one another up
2. Accountability. Get baptized. Die to self rise up in Jesus
2. Relationships lead to Actions
Rub shoulders with others in church. Richard can hardly walk. He's old and committed volunteer Christian that needs a ride.
If you have something share it. Love for Jesus equals love for the church.
3. Actions lead to Unity. Jesus prayed for you. John 17. Be one as Jesus and the Father are one. So close.
I messed up as a kid. Got called the anti Christ. It took years to overcome hatred and forgive that church. Jesus calls us his bride and wants us to love.
If you were to die tonight would you go to heaven? Ask Jesus to become Lord of your life.


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