Sunday, September 04, 2016

Mission of God

Pastor Mark Hughes
Mission of God has a church
Intersection of the 1st century church and the 21st century. Harvard was originally a seminary with 70% of graduates becoming pastors.
YMCA was started as a Christian organization and now has abandoned it's mandate. Now the Y. Why not the A?

The early church grew with the Mission of God. Took care of the poor. The real mission is to add more deciples 2,000 3,000 and multiplied numbers. The numbers are not important. Growth is.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. That's our mission. Become relentless in reaching the world. We are on a mission from God.
1. A burden
Nothing stops Paul Romans 9.1
To bring the Israelites to Christ. Even of he lost his life.
What a contract with today. So many don't want new people in the church.
Tony Compollo said 30,000 children died last night of malnutrition but you don't give a ___ (Mennonite word for manure)

Went to remote Sable islands and took a bush road and ended up at the bottom of a giant gravel pit. No one stopped us before we got there. The people on the way just stood by and let us go to the pit. It is our responsibly to keep people from going to the pit of hell. It was never prepared for people. God does not want people to go to hell.
Grandma was so excited about Dwight L Moody she sponsored him to come to Brandon. He saw godless people going to hell without Christ. He led a 1,000,000 people to Christ without TV and radio.
Do you have a burden for the lost with the love of Christ.
The Great Commission is to go to ALL the world.
The Great Commandment is to love God and your neighbor. To love your neighbour is to bring them to Jesus.
Jesus told parables. The lost sheep. The lost coin of the wedding necklace. She got excited about finding it and threw a party.
The Lost son. When he came back to the father he celebrated.

The porn pastor said the porn star is not going hell because he's a porn star but because he has not accepted Christ. The pastor is potentially loving him into the kingdom.
Always give the invitation for people to come to a personal relationship with Christ.
God loves you.

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