Wednesday, September 20, 2017

CBMC John Bergen speech

80% of negative life experience is mental emotional. 20% physical. 
Cast out the Spirit of blindness from 2 people in Haiti

Dr Carolyn Leaf knows it all. 
Attitudes are everything. Live healthy. Rebuke the pain. Don't receive it. 
Thoughts can make structural changes to your cells. 120 trillion cells with DNA molecules. All coded to work together. 
The power of your thoughts is everything. Don't tolerate negative thought. 
Change to positive thought patterns. The immune system will get rid of cancer. The digestive system will work better. Cardiovascular system will work better. The heart has a brain of its own. It needs positive brain. 
Thinking is feeling. Negative thoughts destroy memory and mental health. 

Renew your mind in 4 days. 3 weeks to build new thought patterns. 

She connects Scripture with brain health. Give thanks in everything. You'll get peace. Health. 
Seek God's attitudes. 

Be encouraged to go after attitudes. 

Let's not be the sickest class of people.

Q&A no unforgiveness toward the perpetrators. Was healed of unforgiveness when he forgave his dad as a young man. 63 years ago. 
Jesus Help Me was the prayer. 
They weren't part of the equation. 

Wife was restored 3 years after the event. 

Does God use suffering to improve us? Yes. Count it all joy. "My strength is made perfect in weakness."

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