Sunday, February 09, 2020

Jaime Saint

Grandson of Nate Saint Auca martyr
Grew up in a mission family
Business people help missions do what they do. 
Jim Elliot was a missionary friend to his grandfather. The missionaries were fathers. 
The Auca now Huaorani would kill anyone they didn't like and all their family. They killed each other. None if them would be left alive today if not for the missionaries. They were scattered over 6,000 miles. Eventually they found them and did some bucket drops over a period of weeks. They exchanged gifts for a while, including roasted monkey meat. Book END OF THE SPEAR written by Nate's son. 

They built a tree house. Eventually a man and 2 women came out to spend a friendly day with them. A few days later all 5 were dead. 

That wasn't the end of the story. We like stories with a happy ending. Not all have that. 

All who follow Jesus shall suffer. That's normal. 

The man who killed Nate taught Nate's son how to hunt. In 1995 we moved into their community to live. Foreigners come at their convenience to help. They wanted someone to teach them how to care for each other. Started Indigenous People's Technology and Education Centre, a or I-TEC for short, a Christian non-profit agency.

In 4x100 race when the first runner makes the lap the next runner takes the baton. Missionaries need to learn to do that. 

90% of missionaries are in countries that are considered reached. We're to make disciples and the disciples to make disciples. 

Is short term missions useful? Churches need to become self supporting and self propagating. I-TEC trains and equips the local church to walk on their own not to be mama mama. Shepherding is for the sheep.

Kids are net takers and become net givers. Churches need to learn to be givers. NA missionaries are always coming to fix the mission church. 

3 rules of mission is listen listen listen. 

They need us we need them. We need to work together. So many missionaries want to take credit for everything so they can raise more funds.

Not propagating the prosperity gospel. Name it and claim is not what Paul said.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

The sessions will be on youtube shortly. 

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