Friday, February 07, 2020

Missionfest 2020

Abdu Murray
Featured speaker

He was a Muslim evangelist. Most muslims are peace loving. God is greater. The greatest. 
Trinity is confusing to them. How could the God of the universe die on a cross? 

Those ideas are what makes so much sense. He did 9 years of searching before finding the truth in Romans 5:8.

Flotilla of ships crossing the Atlantic in the fog. Light up ahead. The captain. Change course. No you change. No You change I'm the lighthouse. 

Sometimes we think we are a tiny light and the flotilla of culture scares us. 

Gene therapy is happening. There are gene hackers changing people. What is life? What is Male and Female? Our society lives in fog. 

Cold war song Superman Where Are You Now? Could be written today. 

Children 8 years old can decide who they will be for the rest of their lives and society is enforcing that decision no matter what it is. Society likes confusion

What does post truth mean? Elevating feelings above reason. If you don't agree you're a Hitler. 

Post modernism there is no objective truth. Only perspectives. They reason. 

We have a struggle for autonomy. Not freedom. 
Self law. A law to yourself. You decide what's right or wrong. Everyone makes their own rules. Power wins. Your preferences are criminalized and you become a slave to the power brokers. 

Our purpose is to commune with God. Meant to be with God not to be following their own preferences. 

Post Truth bender. Clarity and truth have been sacrificed on human autonomy. Wisdom dies. 

Offer the freedom that truth brings freedom. 10s of thousands are coming together to search truth. Became a Christian because it is truth. T equals Full Truth.

Everyone has equal truth? Hitler Stalin etc. All paths lead to God? Sounds respectful. All paths don't lead to God. Buddha wants oblivion. Hindu says we are gods.

2015 sports team did a protest. A journalist was forcefully removed by the journalism professor. 

Integrity doesn't disappear quickly. Christians often don't follow truth. Posting false stories. Let's provide verified truth in our postings. 

Humanity is the measure of all things? Can we reach a rough agreement concerning values? No.

We have reached agreement to be rough.

We're becoming phone zombies. With information machines more powerful than all the computers that took man to the moon. 
We've humanized objects to dehumanizing humans. 

The Bible stands against autonomy but not against freedom. Freedom has boundaries. A picture has a frame. 

Freedom. Bought a house. Big back yard but a road required a boundary. We need moral law. Only God knows what that boundary is. 
Know the truth and the truth will set you free. Jesus. Our desire for autonomy blinds us. The SON sets you free. Preferences don't set you free. Jesus said I'll die and I'll rise in 3 days. That's truth. 

Global hope. Applies everywhere. Africa needs Christianity. Christians served the pagans. The Christians make the world a better place. There are no hospitals of the blessed nothingness. 

Christians change people's hearts. Liberty freedom brotherhood are from the gospels.

Truth leads to freedom. Does the resurrection have anything to do with it? We are made in God's image and meant to have a relationship with God. He died and rose to prove he was right.

I need someone to make me alive. Jesus. The truth is a person. 

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