Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Cure for cancer

Everyone carries cancer cells in their bodies all the time. Most of the time the immune system recognizes the cells and eats them before you know anything happened. Once in a while, some cells manage to disguise themselves as "normal" when all they want is to reproduce themselves and take over.
The wisdom of the world says, zap them with chemicals that destroy fast growing cells and you will get rid of the problem cells. Sometimes that works. Hair fall out and bad cells get beat up. So do good cells. Lots of good immune cells get destroyed in that process. Immune response goes down, other bugs get in, and you are done for.
Turn this wisdom upside down. Boost the immune system. Then take some cancerous cells out of the body. Irradiate them or treat them somehow so that they get killed similar to immunizations. Inject them back into the host, and presto! the immune system sees those as bad cells and kills all the live cells of the same variety!
When I was a child, a man who had cancer went into an operation to remove the tumours. When they opened him up, they found so much cancer that they decided there was no hope. They threw some iodine on the cancerous tumour and sewed him up, thinking he had only a short while left. Lo and behold, he got better!
It appears that the iodine marked the bad cells so the immune system could take over to kill all similar cells.
When will this treatment become common knowledge? Or am I ---?

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