Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb 26 one year ago

How our hearts ache - Renee - we miss you so much!

This has been a horrible year for us. It started with my business partners kicking me out of the partnership (votes 2 against 1) and then suddenly Renee got sick and died.

What that does to the human spirit, body, soul, and mind, can?t be explained to someone who has not experienced it.

The brain goes into shock mode and self-confidence is down the drain. Decision making is almost impossible. We exist from day to day. When someone asks: "How are you?" my answer is usually: "Surviving."

What were we doing last week? Relaxing on the New Smyrna beach in Florida.

What are we doing this week? Kara is home from Halifax, and we will concentrate on family time as much as possible. Open house from Thursday to Sunday. Drop in any time between 3 pm to 9 pm to sit with us, sing for us, - whatever. Call us to confirm we are home.

On Thursday we plan to have a Thai supper and watch Renee's favourite movies including "Alice in Wonderland" at 8pm. Come join us for that if you can.

I do not plan to show up at my office until March 3

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  1. Anonymous2:46 PM

    The Business split that could have had after August 10, 2008 would have given much relief. But, somehow that has become impossible.

    Every person is facing this kind of hardship once in every thirty years of her/his life. The planets Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury altogether cause this.

    Anyway, it's time to pay homage to Renee on her first anniversary.

    Anand P