Sunday, February 22, 2009

Edgewater Alliance

Draw me Close - Kelly Carpenter
You're all I want
You're all I've ever needed
Help me to know you are near

Faith and Argument

4 questions
Students thought of how they could invent an excuse why they where not there for the exams on Monday and said they had a flat tire. When they got the exam the 4th question worth 85 was- which tire?

Acts 17
Athens had all the philosophies they had more idols than people. 60,000
Paul was stirred in his spirit.
He went to the market place and he got invited to speak to the intelligencia
Paul started to talk about the unknown God

1. Where did I come from? Dad where did I come from? Oregon?
Ne have a God who made the world. God who creates. Made something from nothing.
How do you describe Nothing? Big difference between creating something from nothing or to say nothing created everything.
Bertrand Russel: how do you explain creation? he said: I don't know- it just is.
China killed 30 million.
Russia killed 30-60 million
Hitler killed 12-18 M
Take God out and nothing matters.

2. Purpose
Why am I here?
2 RR track layers met the president. One used to work with the man who is now the president. Why? one worked for the railway the other one for $0.10 @ hour.
Ernest Hemmingway pulled the trigger on himself. "Life is a short day from nothingness to nothing."

Emily's husband died. Dr Paul Brandt, her son, told her to go home. She lived in an 8×8 hut for the rest of her life - 25 years. She did not own a mirror. She was obsessed with the calling God gave her.

3. Morality
How shall I live?
What is 2+2? What do you want it to be?
C.S. Lewis: Everyone has the moral imperative. When we take God out of the picture we can mutilate babies for entertainment.

Redemption Salvation Worship
God made the bridge. No other religion calls God father

4 . Destiny
What happens when you die?
Count down clocks? Comedian said: I want to live forever - so far so good. Death changes things.
At a funeral the daughter screamed hysterically, crawled into the casket.
For a Christian death is the beginning. I will never be more alive than at that moment. The same hand that died for me will reach out to me and welcome me.
Be convinced that God loves you.

What happens when you die?

A friend and I worked laying pipe. After a lot of abuse by the boss I prayed: "Dear Lord I will smack the foreman on the head." Before we could do that we got fired.

You don't have to believe anything. What I believe makes me happy. What if I'm right and you are wrong? Where will you be if you don't believe?
Some day God will ask- what did you do with my Son?

Are you willing to invite God?

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