Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's 3 am

That awful cat woke me up. I took the sleeping pill 'cause I have not been able to sleep well lately. Then the cat had to yell and scratch at the door at 3 am. I NEED my sleep!
I've been under a lot of pressure. With more than 100 bins in stock, we had no choice but to issue:
News release March 23, 2009

Vidir Morris announces temporary layoff

Executive Manager of Vidir Morris, Raymond Dueck, today announced a temporary layoff of 17 employees. “As with many of our counterparts, this economic environment is extremely challenging and has led to some tough business decisions in the short term”, said Dueck.

Vidir Morris continues to be committed to providing our customers the best value and service for their grain storage needs,” added Dueck. “We are an innovative group, always looking to provide unique and patented products to make life easier for our valued customers.”

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