Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Year One Month

I had not realized that I forgot my blogging for a month already. Thank you for being such faithful readers. I hope you forgive me.

Today is the 13th month since Renee's early departure. I miss her every day and tears come easily. Thanks to Morris staff for the beautiful flowers.

Last Sunday we spent the day at my parents, keeping them company. I do not understand why they get so few visitors, but I assume that most people think that shut ins are not interesting to visit. But they need it and appreciate it so much when people come over.

Mom's eyes can't read any more, and she has difficulty connecting, but she is her usual friendly self. She actually tells jokes occasionally. She is weak, needs a walker, has a tough time moving from a sitting position to a walking position, often needs help, but appreciates visitors so very much.

Sunday before that was Sunday XL at our church. After the 11 am service, the church serves lunch (Pizza this time), and then offers some 6 different classes including Intro to Eastview for people interested in membership. Pastor Del tells me that we might have 20 new members in the near future!

Martha and I attended Dr Konkel's class. He helped us see how much the New Testament is based on the Old and how the writers used OT scripture to explain to their contemporaries why Jesus was the Messiah and the coming King of the much of the OT. What did Jesus actually say to the disciples on the road to Emmaus? Probably more of less what the writers of the NT are saying to us. Jesus, God in human form, came down to earth to pay for our sins by dying for us, being raised to the right hand of God, so we may have hope for an eternal life in His glorious presence.

Renee's book is coming along nicely. I like what Emily is doing with it. It should be complete by May. Can we find a publisher? I'll post it online for friends to read as soon as it's available. Let me know if you are interested in reading it pre-publication.

I stumbled across a compilation of postings I put together one week after Renee's death. I sure appreciate all that her friends said about her.

We are still trying to decide what kind of memorial we should buy for Renee. How will we ever make that decision? Why are people charging so much for a rock?

Want to see something interesting? see Kara's Web from several years ago.

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