Monday, March 30, 2009

Renee Remembered

Sunday we went for lunch with Alayna (she's studying so hard).

Tim & Elsie came to visit. Tim and I went snowmobiling on the floodway, and scared 2000 Canada geese and 2 beavers.
After supper we watched "In America" a movie Renee and Martha watched in 05, and Renee insisted we buy.
Written and directed by the Irish family it features, it chronicals the journey of grief they went through and shows how the father of the family was finally able "say goodby to Frankie". That, I think, was Renee's message to me. Needless to say the tears poured again. "Slideshow"

A poem by Renee I found today:

The desert floor is cracked and dry
Pieces that once were whole
Now shattered
Every moment is a struggle
To not give up and die
Don’t lead to me to another oasis
I’m tired of going around in circles
The water that I find here
Only keeps me alive
Never enough to satisfy

My heart longs for a place
I’ve never seen
I know only the promises
You’ve whispered to me
Of a milk and honey land
And a well of living water
Don’t lead to me to another oasis
I’m tired of going around in circles
This thirsty ground is crying out
These cracked pieces want
to be made whole
Come flood this desert soul

Jan 4, 2005

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  1. Anonymous4:14 PM


    I read your blog and can’t imagine the turmoil the loss of a child must bring. The death of your precious child, Renee, is a tragedy no parent could face without it being a devastating heart-breaking experience. It is unfortunate that you have also had other significant stresses in your life at the same time. I hope that as you walk through the valley, you will be brought to a place of strength and healing that will include an understanding of the reasons that led to the business changes and your own significant contribution to the final result. Some day you will recognize the good character of your partners and the grace they extended to you over the years. Ray, your thoughts and judgments should be shared with a close friend who can listen and provide perspective and guidance at this low time in your life. Blogging is difficult to do without being self-centered and some of the material you are blogging is not edifying or constructive. Unfortunately this can hurt people, strain relationships and erect walls that alienate you even as you hide behind them. Look to the message you hold so dear. It will plant seeds in the soil of your heart that can convict you of a different perspective and behaviour. My prayer is that the seeds find fertile soil.