Friday, September 24, 2010

Lorna Dueck at Providence College

The Koran burner is a nightmare for Christians.
Tea Party and comedians.
We are connected to diversity.
10 years ago we had 1.3 million enthno cultural Canadians. By 2031 14 million or 36% will be ethno cultural. StatsCan.
Immigrants will live in the 3 big cities.
What does it mean to be Canadian? In 20 years the non-Christian population will double.
Lorna recently did a program at Ground Zero. There is a huge backlash against the Muslims. Most Imams are moderate and want to educate people to love one another.
Lorna went to Winkler Bible School and met a wonderful farmer. Wanted to be a good farm wife. Vern told her to start writing.

When Jesus' disciples asked: Who sinned - where is the blame for the man born blind? Jesus told them that they were asking the wrong question. Ask what can God do in this situation?
Standing on the edge and yelling for change, does not change anything. Get involved with diversity. We need to be on our knees asking what can God do?
It's not the same Canada as a generation ago when 95% checked off "Christian". That is rapidly going down. What can God do with this?
Providence College has and is making a difference in this world.

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