Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mennville EMC Riverton

Roger Friesen Song Leader:
Retrospective on church singing (trip down memory lane)
Who were the early song leaders?
Henry P Plett
Aaron P Plett
Bernie Thiessen
Ed Harms for 30 years
Early song books:
German, a red chorus book,
"Spiritual Songs and Hymns" had 80 songs pertaining to Evangelism /18 in the new The Hymnal
66 heaven /16 new book
Common Songs
"When we all get to heaven"

Dwight Plett pastor
Had a good summer here in Mennville
Series on the Life and Teachings of Jesus
We are now in 11th Message in the series.
Luke 4 The inauguration of his public Ministry.
Jesus did not come to start a new religion-
To be religious like the teachers but he kept coming to the synagogue.
Jesus was not a Christian. He was a Jew. He was not concerned about religion.
2. Not Concerned about popularity
People's opinions change fast. Justin Beeber is on top of the world. Michael Jackson was there once.
Fan clubs turn on their idols. They ended up crucifying him.
He stirred up controversy and pointed out that God shows favour to Gentiles. Why did he say things that would get them mad?
3. Jesus came to initiate a movement of faithfulness. Forsake all and follow. Expect persecution. But be not offensive. Love your enemies.
4. He did not come to be boring. He was not subdued and safe. Dorothy Sayers. He was not boring but he gives a fulfilling life
5. What did he come to do? Preach liberty. To fulfill Scripture. Preach good news. Not religion.
Why? What would you say if someone asked you what Jesus came for?
What's the good news? Who are the poor?
He had a broader definition than praying the sinner's prayer.
The gospel is for the poor. Woe to the rich. Awareness of need is the critical element. Aware of insufficiency -the poor in spirit- those for whom the gospel is good news.
If the good news does not sound good to you, you are poor.
Many people know what Christian generosity is. Giving our goods away is not good news for our society.
Jesus sets captives free. The greatest challenge ever
Are we ready to face the challenge?
We pray that God's will be done in our lives.

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