Sunday, July 08, 2012

From the first Christian Church in Hawaii

(Notes as taken on iPhone) 
The first christian church in Hawaii kahu David de carvalho
The worship music was quite good 
The Ohana choir sang Give me Jesus

The pastors message was the second In the series: roles within our family A mother's role (mudder)
God has assigned specific roles last week was about fathers. 
Everyone has had a father and a Mudder
There are 2 kinds of trauma
Trauma A the absence of good things 
Trauma B bad things
Pray that God will fill in for you the pieces that are mising in your life  because your parents failed you
The mudder's role
1 she is your best friend
Pr 31:11,12 her husband has full confidence in her all her life
The passage from eph 5:21-24 is one of the most abused pAssages in the Bible. People read the part about wives submit but they forget that it starts with submit to one another. The husband should sacrifice himself for his wife like Christ did for the church.
All Activities should be evaluated  _ is it In line w god's word? Is God speaking to me to my heart?
Manipulation of other is Wrong. Confront ungodly demands. God wants an orderly arrangement in the family. Look for input and shared decision making to govern the house.

2. She watches over the affairs of the household
There are many intelligent and successful women in our midst. They take care of things.
At age 18 as a new Christian David was approached by the Dean of Women to help start a new church. She felt God calling her to do this. She knew exactly what to do. That. Burch is now a bi church. 
3. She is full of wisdom. 
The woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. That dedication is a covering for the house.
Prov 8:13 she gives faithful instruction. See the story of Deborah. She was a prophet judge and leader. She told the military leader what to do. Get 10,000 men together and God will deliver.
In the story of Nabal (the fool) David was going to destroy all the men in Nabal's employ but his wife Abigail quickly intervened to keep David from murder. She was wise. 

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