Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's the proper way to sing this song?
WE worship you
we WORSHIP you
we worship YOU
What's the proper posture?

Our God is greater stronger higher healer awesome power
If our God is for and with us what can stand against us?

I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned my soul Lord to you surrendered

Thank you Lord
Terry Lynne. Children's story. True story
How do we know that Jesus is who he said he is? Did Paul believe Jesus is God's son? Yes. He went to Athens and saw all the temples and statues. Including one for the unknown God. Paul preached to them about the unknown God. God is not a statue. He is too big. We have evidence that God is real in Jesus. He came back from the dead. Jesus rose so we would know he is God. Jesus is your friend. Jump and believe.


Living out front: Belief
Pastor Delbert Enns
We have been created for a divine purpose. No accident. Some have no idea why they are here.

What i believe shapes me. Used to own Precision Camara Repair. Used to believe the harder i worked the more successful i'd be.
Identities often get wrapped around the things we have.
Colossians - what Gods do we have?
the God of

As Christians Christ is in you. Christ! No more no less! Jesus is everything. We tell others about him. All of us have that task. Present Christ is to co-exist with others to bring them to faith.
My agenda is often so fragmented.
If Jesus is #1 then our priorities change to forgiveness grace love hope healing. Take on Jesus' nature. Build relationships around the Lord's Comunion table.
As we share in the brokeness of Jesus we can help others.

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