Sunday, July 15, 2012

Living out Front

Pray for Jaqui Bergen and her family. Her dad passed away suddenly on Saturday.
Pray for Audrey Voth and others fighting cancer.
Congratulations to David Enns & Stephanie Bergen married Friday the 13th

Children's Story
Faith is believing something you can't see. Who are the bad guys? Saul persecuted Christians. He busted into Christians' homes and dragged them off to jail until God interrupted him. Blinded him. Then Ananias had a vision to help Saul regain his sight. He did what God asked him to do.
Now Saul's gang decided to kill Saul. The Christians helped him escape. But the Jerusalem Christians did not trust Saul, until Barnabas stood up for him. S(P)aul knew that he had done terrible things. The Christians forgave him. Paul could see God thru them.

Dave Ens
Summer theme. Saul who is Paul. Live Life in plain view on the front porch. Are you sitting there with Lemonade or shotgun?
Do you have REAL friends? Do things stand between you and real relationships? Facebook? We respond more to text messages than other media.

Simple Message about what God wants in our relationships. We look at each others' faces. Our primary tool of communication. Your Name is so significant. He knows my name. Greet each other by name.
He knows my face. He wants to meet us face to face.
Today we see God as in an old mirror. In eternity we will see Him clearly face to face.
Moses' people said you talk to God and tell us what God says. But God wants a face-to-face relationship.
We need to meet God face to face. Paul talks about the people in his life by Name. See the last verses of his letters.

Paul says truthing in love helps us grow in Christ. More than speaking. Embodying truth in life.

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