Thursday, November 08, 2012

iDE Gala Banquet

Ted Paetkau chair
Norm & Jean Fiske Ambassador Award - they have travelled all over the world with iDE
Bill & Margaret Fast have been involved for twenty years.
Al Doerksen has been involved for many years. He has been with MCC, The Foodgrains Bank, and many businesses.
iDE has 5 million clients.

Al's Journey
Started 20 years ago. Thought leader. Met Mother Theresa in India. Met Mennonite leaders in India.
Investment scenarios. 5 talents to 1, 2 to another, 1 to a third.
The 3 richest people in the world today have more money than the 48 poorest countries of the world.
Invest in iDE. GOVERNMENT promise law and order. Break the rules go to jail.
Bill Gates did a good job. Created value. Has given 28 billion to charity. He has encouraged 92 families to donate their wealth. Gates spent 16 m$ with iDE and that has generated $200,000,000.
Bill & Margaret, Frank & Agnes, and others invested in iDE to get it started. Dollah Bill makes the money grow.
iDE uses simple machines to help Dollah Bill earn some money.

Ron Enns is the executive director with several degrees.

Margaret and Agnes did the centre pieces.

60 projects in 15 countries. CIDA invests $3 for every donor $.
Well digging in Ethiopia now costs $100 per well.
In Ghana there are millions of bucket farmers. Converting them to treadle pumps helps them earn more.
Cambodia executed all their educated people.
iDE helps people help themselves.
Farmers earn $3.60 for every dollar invested. CIDA triples it.

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