Sunday, November 04, 2012

When God is God: Waiting

The sovereignty of God
We struggle with that. Are we dealing with God or with a vending machine?
Why would God allow hurricane Sandy? How do we deal with that?
Scripture tells us that God is sovereign.
Habakkuk wrestled with God. Do we trust God outside of our control?
Jesus told the paralytic that he had control over physical changes and he healed him.
You change the world by changing the human heart. God is not in the problem. He's in the resilience of his people. Wait and see what God will do. Praying and waiting go hand in hand. Ps 40:1 I waited patiently for the Lord;:; patiently. how do we live in the semicolon? He inclined his ear to me.
I will stand at the post and wait. What do we do in the meantime?
God has plans for you for good. Not to harm you but to give you a future. That promise is not invalidated when things don't go our way.
Look at those who rely on themselves. There is discontent. The spirit is not right.
A plumber was not available. I thought I could fix it myself. Thought I fixed it. Turned the water back on. Then the pail floated across the room when the water gushed out. I was too impatient to wait for a plumber or plumber friends to come and help.
The righteous live by faith. Live in trust. Rest & wait. God is good. A quiet faith that trusts. What is your semicolon? Can you stand and wait?

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