Sunday, January 13, 2013

130113 What Is The Next Step? Become like Him

This is my story and I'm sticking with it! This is my story this is my song: praising my saviour all the day long!

Wonderful Savior wonderful God! Who can compare?
Elton DaSilva:

We just went through the season of Christmas and we know the story. Are we fans of Jesus or followers of Christ?
What does it mean to be more like Christ?
Colossians has 3 languages. Natural. Putting on dressing up with what fits. Do you pretend or perform? That may not be a natural fit.
Christ is all that matters. Barbaric slave or free.
Take on the nature of Christ:
Grow in knowledge.  Pursue. There may be things that do not fit. What not to wear show puts people in front of the 360 mirror. God wants to put you in front of His 360 mirror. The show puts all the old clothes in the garbage. God wants to throw your garbage away. Let Him give you a new wardrobe.
My old man is dead but I carry the coffin with me in case I want to revive him. Let God point you in the right direction. Let your spouse or friends help you.

Imitate Christ. To do that you must face the right direction. Get friends to help you.

Next step: allow Christ to lead you into intimacy with Him.

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