Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Sid Reimer's Funeral

Senator Don Plett usher

Dr Harvey Plett "We grieve but not without hope. We'll see him again"

Ps116 precious is the death of God's saints
When Sid's dad died Sid came into the room and dad said Jesus help me. He was a good garage keeper as a boy and became a successful auto dealer. Landmark Motors was an honest dealership.
Sid was a faithful church member and served on many committees. I was on the EMC Golf committee with him for many years.

Death will pass away.

Darrel and Denise and family sang: Some bright morning I'll fly away oh glory hallelujah. Applause.

Born in Steinbach.  Blissfully Married 52 years to Corinne. Long list of children and grandchildren. Enjoyed Maui. Miss him so much already.

Granddaughters tribute: so wonderful to spend 3 weeks and watch the blissful marriage. Lots of tears. He will be forever my squishy grandpa. He was smiling Sid and a perfect grandpa. Worked at the garage with him and got free drinks and candy. Learned to drive on grandpa's mower. Went to restaurant Montana's for my 16 th birthday. We will miss you sincerely. We will see you face to face. In this life I will stand. Song by Hillsong
Grandpa's steaks were legendary. He was ever so welcoming. What a great guy! Everybody loved grandpa. He smiled through all his troubles.

Son: Where is Sid? Mostly in church. At the golf course. Steaks to grill. Where is Sid? At Landmark Motors. Around the world with with Corinne. Hockey. Where is Sid? Passing on his faith. Keihei Maui enjoying the sand. Grilling steaks. White wine in one hand, flipping steaks with the other.

Pastor Mike Plett (spitting image of Harvey):
Sid was always faithful to Corinne. A staunch supporter of the church and me. Sid often said I'm saved by grace and grace alone. We preach our funeral by how we live.
We need true comfort and authority. 2Cor 4. We are perplexed but not destroyed. The one who raised up Jesus will raise us up. We buy products with lifetime warranties. Humans crack and chip. We wear out. We are containers that are intended to be be serving others. Smiling Sid brought sunshine wherever he went.
We will all die sooner or later. He expected to be through the cancer by the end of the year. The treatments went as expected but his shelf life was up. He went to heaven.
We are like the jars of the dead sea scrolls. The jars were  worthless but the scrolls were priceless.
Jesus called death sleep. He is life. Sleep is wonderful. When we go to sleep in Jesus we wake up to a glorious sinfree life. Reunion with loved ones. If you have accepted him as Lord you'll see him again. You will see Jesus face to face and party with him.
We have a choice. Sid chose to believe in Jesus and that gave him meaning and purpose in life. He is now enjoying God's presence forever. To accept Jesus's offer is an act of your will.

Song: Because He Lives
I can face tomorrow
Death gives way to victory

Harvey: come and fellowship. Share
Victor Engbrecht solo:
The marketplace is empty work on earth is all suspended as the king comes through the gate
I can hear the chariots rumble regal robes are now unfolding the choir is in place the King is coming praise God he's coming for me. Praise God.
Tears. Applause.

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