Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cousin Jake L. Dueck memorial celebration

Larry Eidse
Became a Christian when Jake gave his testimony in church. Jake invited Larry to an Easter sunrise service. Jake has been a wonderful friend and influence.

Bern Shellenberg: Amazing Grace
There is coming a day with no clouds. What a glorious day that will be when my Jesus I will see. The one who died for me.

3 daughters share
1931 born fatherless
Became a successful farmer who learned to trust God. Wanda Denise Candice
He treasured his sons-in-law. Farming was a good livelihood. The girls learned to do all the farm chores. Without fault he enjoyed working with the girls regardless of what they wrecked.
He lived his live faithful to God. He was generous. When the church burnt down he worked hard to rebuild it. He was on the MDS service for 20 years. He loved to go fishing.
Denise got a bike and she learned to ride it the same day.
Always made friends with neighbouring campers.
Travelled all over the world. Enjoyed Palm Springs for many years.
Taught his daughters to grow up.
Always faithful resourceful family man.
Heaven is a place where joy never stops.

Grandpa Dueck hugged us hard. We had absolute respect for him. He played Rook well. He loved us.
He took us to the pancake place and drove home on his bike hands-free.

Song. In the sweet by and by we shall meet on that beautiful shore.

Brent Unrauh
We remember with joy and grief. He was patient. He allowed his daughter to move far away. With each son-in-law the games became more raucous in friendship and humour.

Proverbs has so much wisdom. Take care of the farm and then fix the house.

He had strong steadfast loyalty to his community church faith. Golf fit him perfectly. Details rules to be followed carefully.

He gave to the poor through MCC.

TO be with Jesus is far better by far. He is there now. John 14 Jesus said trust.

Jake is now getting to know his father for the first time.

I feel God's pleasure when I run. Jake felt God's pleasure in farming.

Song. Blessed Assurance Jesus is mine.

Fellowship lunch.

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