Sunday, November 03, 2013

God's Word to us

Mennville EMC

Stan Burkholder from Alberta

Sat in on the Sunday School and got a lesson on grief. Not sure how to respond to that.

Praise like never before
130 passages in the Bible on praise.
I have no practical application for grief. How many have sorted out how to praise God?
They had a community advent program. He was supposed to preach on why creation praises God. Why are the colors more majestic for Christians?
When we give God proper recognition we praise him.
Luanna's garden grew all the wrong things. The red beets were red so that was good.
Do the stars do what they are created to do? When they do they praise God.
Gravity does what God created it to do.
120 days a year Stan travels all over teaching. It's a fun job. Every two days his students evaluate him. Some praise him with fluff. Some really appreciate his work.
He was the president of the  lumberman's association. He got real recognition in front of his peers. That felt good.
How can I praise God? How about giving him proper recognition? How does that make the mountains more majestic? When I admire God's handiwork I praise him because I share with him the beauty of creation.

We live in a society of entitlement.  Why? Do you remember the first $ you were given? The first $ you earned. How did you deal with that.
My voice is the gift of God to me. I'm not entitled to it. If I recognize that God gave me my voice and I praise God with it.
Link with grief somehow. Whatever may pass whatever lies before me. In grief when you cry you praise God. Recognize your loss.
Let me singing when the day is done. When the end draws near and my time has come still my soul will sing your praise unending ten thousand years and then forever more.
My praise will be different  each season of my life. When my store burned down I wrote about my firey Christmas.
Got a call from a customer wanting to help. Shared my struggles with him. I was praising God by writing my story.
There are 10,000+ reasons to praise God. When God created us I always tell my students. I got a free trip to Scotland.
When you do what God created you to do you are praising him.
God, thanks for being real and sharing your creation with me. Help me to do what you created me to do.

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