Sunday, October 27, 2013

Essentials by design: Hope

I was depressed forsaken and God healed me. Only through Christ have we been saved.
Delbert Enns
Winnipeg is Canada's murder capital but there is hope!
Just as there was hope for Ephesus there is hope for Winnipeg.
1 Timothy 6:12 fight the good fight. Hold tightly to eternal life. The church was facing all kinds of pressures. He was in a battlefield. It was hard.

Who wants to move away? Who wants to move west? In the last 100 years things have changed.
What does Hollywood think of Winnipeg?
Simpson's says We live here. We were born here. What is your excuse?

While we face many difficulties we have bought into cynicism and negativity.

Too often we say what's in it for me?
Timothy agonize through your struggle of faith. Wrestle with it. Wrestle together. V13 I charge you before God and Christ Jesus to remember when Jesus stood before Pilate he confessed that he was God and that took him to the cross. Hope begins there.
You have hope through Jesus when you die to your own ideas.
Obey without wavering.
Love your neighbor. Stand your ground. Unwavering.

Jesus is coming back. The relationship with Jesus starts when you admit that you are lost. There is no hope without Jesus's promise that he's coming back.
He said we will be coming back. Jesus is immortal. Lord of Lords he lives in light so brilliant that human eyes can never see him.

Paul says that this excites him. Teach those who are rich not to be proud. To be generous to those in need. Instruct para angelo means come walk alongside like an angel. Live and walk alongside with someone that needs you.
V20 guard what God has entrusted to you. Be careful. Walk carefully. Guard yourself! We need each other. May God's grace be with you all.

Lord's supper. The Eucharist. Hope is an active decision. Live it in the community.
Jeremiah 29 work for the peace and prosperity of the city where God has put you.

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