Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Meeting House Oakville

Matt - the lead pastor is 30ish? 14th site opens today in Brantford. Katie attends in Ottawa.
Starting a series on modern family today. Not the tv show.

The vision of Jesus for the Church is that those who have left family and possessions to follow Jesus will receive things back even in the present age – a new and ever-enlarging family of their fellow-disciples, with homes open to them wherever they go. ~ N.T. Wright

Family is one of the metaphors Jesus uses. This series will:
1. Focus on family
2  singleness of Jesus
3. Singleness of Paul
4. Diversity in harmony
5. Hot seat Sunday

Ecclsia the gathering of the family of God. Church means gathering together of the people of the spiritual.

Family is supposed to have loyalty love safety security.
Brady bunch. All in the Family. There are some wild examples of family.
Paul wrote to 1Timothy 3.14 get back to church. You are called to community that rallies around.
The Bible pictures the "church" as a... nation, race, body, bride, temple, family

Crowds are people that are interested. But not committed. Religious practices and religious pedigree do not make us a family. It takes committed people to be Jesus's family. Jesus pointed to the committed and said they are my brothers and sisters because they are living out the will of God. Jesus points out that women are included in his group of disciples.

How does this impact us? Peter and the disciples were always worried about which thrones they would sit on in the new kingdom.
When you follow Jesus you will get 100 x as many homes and when you die you'll get the cherry on top of eternal life.

Take out: share a meal
Adjust the experience of what it means to be a church. A list can become legalism. We need examples to inspire us to follow.

Kimmy and Fred are here to talk family. Fred: Connected to home church. Kimmy has a bunch of stories. Kimmy is an elder. Fred now gets supper at Kimmy's house. He does the dishes.

Go for lunch and invite others to join the family meal.

Now it's your time to sign up for a home church. Arrange a meal. Invite someone for lunch today. Every week we get together to meet family of Jesus. Get together with someone you don't know. We are family because of Jesus. We share communion because of Jesus. Reflect and celebrate.

I will exalt you. You are my God. My hiding place.

Christ is risen from the dead.

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