Sunday, October 13, 2013

Phase 12 Thai ministry
Phase 12 had 2 phases
1 training
2 travel to Thailand
Romans 12
Training in Falcon Lake
Team building exercises
Small group sessions
Worship time
5 leaders each mentored 2 students
Competed to not be last
Living conditions in Thailand were not what we are used to.
We shared and became vulnerable. Did a foot washing. That was emotional but it helped us support each other.
Spiritual gifts thinking was helpful.
As a leader it took a few days to adjust being with them 24,7
Really built a solid team.

1st impressions. Why am I sweating? Went straight into a church service. Were welcomed.
Why is everything so smelly? Embrace the sweat.
Pick up kids from the slum. Houses built out of scraps.
Stayed at the lighthouse. On the 3 rd floor. So very very hot. 1 bathroom to share. 1 squatty and a hose on the wall.
Our days varied a lot. Start off with donuts from the market. 4ish do kids ministry. Ended the day in small groups.
Worked with Bethal church and Lighthouse.
Worked with the Hope Centre a youth ministry centre. Louise asked me to share my testimony. Shared how mom encouraged her to love her enemies. A handicapped girl in the audience really connected. 3 girls in the audience accepted Christ that day. I realized what a wonderful mom I have.

Video of the trip. Working with slum kids. Playing with them. Carrying them.
Doing touristy things
Teaching English to the kids.
Eating Thai food.
Enjoying the ocean.

Jeanette. Planning the English camp. Cory asked her to share the story of Jesus. Did a lot of worrying about what to say. It went well. Had to trust God for what to say.
One night went to an HIV family. The dad was dying. They prayed for his healing and he was healed. They still have lots of struggles.
Church for the Thais is a new and fresh thing. They eagerly share their faith. We grew from this experience. Bought a Bible and started reading it daily.
Need to learn not to be so selfish.
The Thai people have simplified their lives to be grateful for everything. The youth group is really dynamic there now. The new believers 2 years ago are now dynamic leaders of the church. They have really grown.
Get the book of stories that we prepared for you.

There were so many experiences we had. Watching the EasTview kids sharing the gospel every day all day. To see them share their faith. That was the highlight of the trip.
1st day Louise took 2 people to a factory to witness in the middle of Asia. Can you preach?
In cell groups the students shared  voluntarily whenever the opportunity came up. There is a new generation that loves God  enthusiastically.
To have a trusting relationship where we put others first. Christ sacrificed his life for us, now he trusts us to put Him first.
We are in the top 2% of wealth. This summer we witnessed the bottom.
It's about loving God wherever we are. To be moved by him to reach others. Your prayers made a big difference.
Tell people about Jesus. We are blessed and we have a responsibility to share.
I hope that stimulates you to bless others.

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