Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mission conference Austin

CSSM will become One Hope Canada. They had a fabulous year at Valley View Bible Camp this year. The horse program was very effective.

Chris and Cheryl Peters were in the Dominican Republic all summer.
Started going there with Green Valley Equipment in 2007 and been going there every year. Good jobs pay $7 a day. Maids get $1 a day. Not everyone has food every day. Building houses out there cost $700 per house.

When they graduate they get a small piece of land and they can grow 2 crops a year and support their families. 80% of women in some communities have HIV. Prostitution is legal. Most girls are pregnant by age 12.

1/2 of the children live in poverty. Sponsorships make a big difference in those villages.

Cultural shock for Jacqui 17 was overridden by the peace of knowing this is where God wanted me.

Got baptized in the ocean was her highlight. Ecstatic to be able to go. Got dengue fever. That was hard.

Jennifer: Want to go again. It was 40 degrees all summer.

Did hospital visitation. Hospitals don't provide food or bedding. Often a few patients became Christians. Cheryl lost 5 babies over the years. She was able to lead a woman (who had lost her baby) to Christ in DR hospital.

Went to visit a man in the men's ward who was comatose. The interpreter prayed for the man and he was healed.

The 40 degree heat was almost unbearable but the smiles and hugs made it all worthwhile. We lived in a gated community with armed guards and thieves were regularly shot with shotguns.

80% of the men are unemployed. The mission teaches them to work.

This last mission for 10 weeks was very challenging. He was teaching engine repair in DR. A course with no material trying to teach uneducated men how to repair engines. Very challenging. Also taught ethics.

Who is the queen in your home? The wife. Who is the king? The man. Who is the king of kings? Jesus. Men should model Jesus in the home. Jesus came to serve. Men ought to serve their wives.

Appreciate that we can share here. It was hard but willing to do it again.

God is good always. Open the eyes of my heart.

The Steinbach youth group went to Mexico through YUGO missions. Need to share Jesus. Evangelism. Reach out across the border. They need groups to create an event. Events draw people. The churches of Mexico request these teams to help them impact their communities. They learn from the teams that come in. Children's ministries
Soccer ministry to boys and girls. Go twice a day. The kids cling to us.
Going there is an easy place to share Christ. Let's go and share Christ here and there.
Women's ministry is very effective. They did a foot washing and ladies came to Christ.
Sports ministry was so powerful. All the guys prepared sermons and testimonies. All the participants were changed for life. There is now a different awareness.

We were there two years ago and God put us on the same soccer field and the community gang leaders said they would start going to church.
Safety is covered. We need to disciple. Jesus wasn't safe. When we go into uncomfortable territories God can change us and those around us. Let's mobilize our kids to go out make a difference. Our youth are showing the way. That's exciting!
Youth get 15-20 hours of preparatory training before leaving.
Dave was the Designated Old Guy (DOG) drove the big motorcoach bus. Through the narrow streets of the city. Shared his story. Cancer. Scared. Peace. Shared the gospel. Connected with people.

Curtis. This was his second trip. Scared spitless to share God's story. It was a blast to do this.

Allie. Her second trip. Maximum we had 12 kids at the site. That was hard. Would have liked to have more kids.  We had 24 people trying to teach those kids.

We worked with the churches. One of the kids on the trip had the opportunity to win a provincial championship but chose to go on this trip. Amazing!

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