Sunday, April 13, 2014

I am the vine... Jesus said

Check out my friend Carlin Weinhauer's blog at He's expecting God's chariot to come for him soon.

The Zoo Crew is coming for VBS. EasTview needs 100+ volunteers for the week of August 10-14.

Songs today
For all you've done
Nothing but the blood
Hallelujah to my King what a Savior

Dave Ens
Happy Palm Sunday to you!
What are we asking of God?
Mark 11 brilliantly gives us a daily journal of Jesus's last week.

In Mark 10 Jesus asked twice, "What do you want me to do for you?"
Jesus entered Jerusalem triumphantly not on a war horse but on a donkey.
We can't ignore the cross. Who is Jesus? He, the son of God, came to die for us.
Being the least is to be the greatest.
I want to see what you, Jesus, are doing for me. Jesus died for me because he loves me so.
No one has greater love than the one who lays down his life for us. What more can we ask?
Jesus is inviting us into something bigger than all you can imagine.
Jesus asked us to be connected, to stay connected to the vine.

The vine is used to describe the people of God. Gen 12:1-3. I will bless you and all nations through you.

You brought a vine... Psalm 80:8-9
God wants to make the world right.
God wants the fruit of justice. Jesus speaks to that. Israel is the vine - Jesus is the true vine.
Not just for us.  It's bigger than that.
Often we don't want God to be good. Is Aslan safe? No but he's good!
Good wants to remedy the pain. A best friend will tell you when you are dumb and ignorant. He tells us when it's time to change.  Change is hard. He doesn't want things to go to hell.

He wants things to change. For the better. He prunes us to make us better.
We had a fruit tree that gave us lots of small apples. Mother in law pruned it. She cared. She cut most of the branches and that year the tree had large delicious apples.
Pruning hurts but brings luscious fruit.

Embrace the pruning. That's love in action.

What does that look like to bear fruit that blesses the people you interact with? Are you part of the work of redemption?

God bless you.

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