Sunday, April 27, 2014

SOAR Sunday

Cory Bell:
MB Mission organized this for the MB churches of Winnipeg for the last number of years during spring break.
Start off at NKMB church.
Worked at Keenleyside. Interacted with the kids.
Stayed at 188 Princess.
How did God call you? Took the forms decided not. Soon all the spots were full. At the last minute got in anyways.
Katie. The youngest. Volleyball was a problem. Worked around it. Well worth it.
Found new friends. Matured.
Went on learning tours. Got to know inner city life situations. Learned to be less judgemental. These people have powerful stories.

What are we learning through this experience? How does it impact our faith? Learn to trust God. Changed everything.

Many stories of God working. Jenna went on SOAR last year. The kids were so open to interacting with the team and willing to open up to God.

Jessica was the program leader and the social staff in the community were really impressed with this Christian group.

A big peace came over the team. They did international prayer walks.

God has shown me that everyday is my Missionfield. Give it to God. Grow in faith.

4 team great leaders. The youth grow so much. Encourage each other. Affirm each others talents.

Jodi was the first one to sign up. She sacrificed her studies.

Faith Community. Living and building each other up. Foot washing. Encouraging one another. Become part of

It's easy to have faith when you are with 300 other Christian youth on mission. Home and school witnessing is harder.
Peter sees Jesus and took the step of faith.  He sank but kept following Jesus.

Fun fact.  Got to know Ryan in grade 2. Now he is in SOAR!  Jolene helped him share his testimony with his peers.

What energized Peter to step on the water in faith? God calls us in faith. Step out.

What energizes you? How often do you get refueled?

God gives us lots of different things to re-energize us. Netflix games exercise church time-off God's spirit in us.
Focus on God. Vertical and horizontal focus.  Horizontal focus only will disappoint.

Keenleyside told us we were not welcome to witness there. Cory went in person to meet with the social workers. Now the doors are wide open to more witnessing.

Have you ever been prompted to step out in faith? Giving away Bibles. Encouraging others.

We have a promise that the Holy Spirit will work in us. Walk in boldness. Expectation that God will prompt you to step out of the boat.

God you make everything glorious. You made me. What does that make me? I am yours.

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